Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

As of 22 August 2015


1. Scope of application

1.1 The Seller – Watch To Wind S.L.U., registered office – Calle Silva 2, 28013 Madrid, Spain (hereinafter referred to as “the Seller” and “Watch To Wind ”) sells used authentic wristwatches and used/brand-new watch accessories (hereinafter referred to as “Goods” or “Purchased Object”) in the marketplace of its online shop available at http://watch2wind.com and any other marketplaces on behalf of the Seller.

1.2 The following "Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale" shall apply to purchase contracts for Goods between any natural person or legal entity (hereinafter referred as “the Buyer”) and the Seller which are entered into via the online shop available at http://watch2wind.com or via any other means of communication.

1.3 All watches offered by the Seller are guaranteed to be authentic by our expert watchmakers and are in precisely the condition described in the relevant description. Every description is prepared individually for every single Purchased Object and reflects the most accurate information possible.

1.4 The Description – textual description of the condition, characteristics, features, functions, design and peculiarities of the Purchased Object. It precisely depicts the following parts of the watch:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model and reference, if known
  • Year of manufacture (estimated)
  • Shape of the case, material of the case and its parts, plating, size of the case and type of finishing
  • Type of bezel and crown
  • Condition of the case, whether it is polished/restored or not
  • Type and condition of the crystal
  • Type, colour, layout and condition (whether it is refinished or not) of the dial and hands
  • Type, model and characteristics of the movement
  • Condition of the movement
  • Serial numbers of the case and movement (if present)
  • Overall condition of the watch, integrity and set of supply
  • Warranty

1.5 The Description may include detailed high-resolution images of the Purchased Object produced by the Seller. All images have been produced solely by Watch To Wind and are subject to copyright. All images are provided ‘as is’ and are not retouched. Only colour balance, saturation, brightness, contrast and sharpness adjustment may have been carried out.

1.6 The Condition of the Purchased Object – is a system of valuation of the technical, physical and aesthetic condition of the watch based on these criteria:

  • Grade 0 (New or unworn) – new items from old warehouse stock may show slight traces of storage. All parts are flawless.
  • Grade 1 (Mint) – no or very few signs of use. Glass, hands, dial and case are in very good aesthetic condition. Movement is in very good condition and has been serviced as necessary. The watch itself and the bracelet may have been polished.
  • Grade 2 (Fine) – slight or visible signs of use and minor scratches. Glass, hands, dial and case are in good condition. No large dents. No hairline cracks. Repairs carried out using original parts only. Movement in good condition, possibly serviced unless stated otherwise. Case may be polished.
  • Grade 3 (Fair) – visible signs of use on the case and/or dial. Glass may have been replaced. Case may have small dents. Watch remains fully functional. Case may be polished. May contain non-original spare parts. Movement may require servicing.
  • Grade 4 (Poor) – heavy signs of use, case may be severely dented or scratched. Dial, hands and/or glass need replacing/restoration. May not be fully functional and may contain non-original spare parts.
  • Grade 5 (Scrap) – non-functional watches missing integrity. May be suitable only for the retrieval of spare parts.

1.7 The set of supply does not include original vintage papers, boxes and packaging of the watch unless stated otherwise. Watches will be delivered with Watch To Wind ’s box, warranty certificate, terms & conditions and commercial invoice.

1.8 Any defect of the Purchased Object clearly visible on images but not mentioned in the wording of the Description shall be considered as described. All watches offered are freshly overhauled, serviced and adjusted unless stated otherwise in the Description.

1.9 The text of any contract will not be stored by the Seller after the contract has been entered into.

1.10 The Description will be stored by the Seller after the contract has been entered into for 14 days.

1.11 The Purchased Object may remain listed online on the marketplace of the online shop available at http://watch2wind.com and on any other marketplaces on behalf of the Seller for 14 days after the contract has been entered into.

1.12 The Seller does not accept any terms and conditions used by the Buyer. This shall apply even if the Seller does not expressly object to the incorporation of such terms and conditions.

2. Conclusion of the contract

2.1 The listings displayed at http://watch2wind.com or on any other platform on behalf of the Seller do not constitute a binding offer to enter into a purchase contract, unless stated otherwise.

2.2 A purchase contract for the Purchased Object shall be concluded only when the Buyer accepts a binding offer from the Seller by completing the checkout process or when the Buyer expressly confirms the conclusion of the agreement to the Seller.

2.3 By concluding a purchase contract the Buyer expresses consent to these terms and conditions.

3. Delivery / retention of title

3.1 Except if agreed otherwise, delivery shall be affected from the Seller's facility to the address specified by the Buyer. Shipping costs including transport insurance shall be borne by the customer, except if agreed otherwise.

3.2 The delivery periods specified by the Seller shall be calculated from the date on which the invoice amount is credited.

3.3 Until the purchase price has been paid in full, the Purchased Object shall remain the Seller's sole property.

4. Prices and payment terms

4.1 All prices are specified in EUR currency. The price calculated in any other currency is subject to prior negotiation between the Buyer and the Seller.

4.2 The price specified at http://watch2wind.com or any other marketplace on behalf of Watch To Wind includes statutory taxes, but does not include shipping, insurance or any other additional expenses unless the Seller stated otherwise.

4.3 The price can be adjusted (discounted) upon prior negotiation between the Seller and the Buyer. A discounted price shall only be valid if both parties expressed written consent to the agreed price during the process of negotiation.

4.4 Full payment shall be made in advance.

4.5 The invoiced purchase price is to be paid into the specified account within 5 business days from receipt of the order confirmation unless agreed otherwise.

4.6 The decisive date shall be the date of receipt of payment. The Seller shall have the right to withdraw from the purchase contract without having to set a deadline if the purchase price is not paid in a timely manner.

4.7 Payment by Visa and MasterCard credit cards is subject to an additional 2% processing surcharge.

4.8 Cash payment is possible upon request and by prior negotiation between the Buyer and the Seller.

5. Shipping

5.1 Shipping of the Purchased Object is arranged by the Seller and is handled by UPS courier service. Within the EU – a flat rate of 25 euro is applied (approximate shipping time 1-2 working days), overseas and various specific destinations – quoted on request.

5.2 The Purchased Object will be shipped on the same business day if payment is confirmed before 15:00 CET unless agreed otherwise.

5.3 Shipping by FedEx, TNT or any other postal/courier service is possible upon negotiation.

5.4 Personal collection/handover is possible in Madrid, Munich and Budapest upon request.

5.5 The Buyer is responsible for customs clearance, VAT or any other importing fees due to international delivery outside the EU. The Seller bears no responsibility for any shipping delays caused by importing procedures and does not cover or reimburse any importing fees or other relevant payments.

6. Your right of return and our money-back policy

6.1 The Buyer is entitled to return the Purchased Object without giving any reason within 14 days of the date of delivery.

6.2 During this period, the Buyer is entitled to do with the Purchased Object what is reasonably necessary to evaluate it and understand whether it satisfies the Buyer and matches with the Description.

6.3 The Buyer can remove the product from the package unless the package contains a seal.

6.4 The right of return is void if the condition of the Purchased Object does not remain exactly the same as on the date of delivery.

6.5 The Buyer shall contact the Seller prior to shipping back the Purchased Object using the contact information in Clause 9 of the present agreement.

6.6 Insured shipping of the Purchased Object to the Seller in case of return is the sole responsibility of the Buyer. The Buyer shall bear all expenses relating to the return of the Purchased Object.

6.7 The Purchased Object usually is a particularly high-priced object which, due to its characteristics, cannot be returned by regular post. In the event of a return, the Purchased Object, in order to prevent loss, is to be returned as a valuable parcel, insured at the amount of the purchase price. The Buyer is liable to pay damages in the event of loss if the watch is returned uninsured.

6.8 The Purchased Object may be delivered taped with protective foil. The protective foil does not impair the examination of the condition, characteristics and functioning of the Purchased Object. The protective foil is to prevent damage to the watch during examination. The resale value of an unworn watch may be impaired considerably if the protective foil is removed from the watch. The Buyer may have to bear a loss in value of the Purchased Object if the protective foil is removed and the purchase contract is subsequently cancelled.

6.9 The Buyer shall return all the paperwork and packaging, together with the complete set of supply delivered with the Purchased Object.

6.10 The Seller shall return the invoiced price of the Purchased Object to the Buyer by bank transfer to the bank account specified by the Buyer as soon as possible within 30 business days. The Seller is not able issue refunds directly to Visa/MasterCard credit cards.

7. General warranty terms

7.1 All watches sold by Watch To Wind are protected by a one-year international limited warranty under the terms and conditions of the present agreement unless stated otherwise.

7.2 The warranty covers defects due to faulty workmanship, subject to normal conditions of use.

7.3 The warranty period starts from the date of shipping stated above.

7.4 The warranty is void if damage has occurred due to any contact with water.

7.5 The Buyer shall contact the Seller using the contact details specified in Clause 9 of the present agreement in case of any warranty claim.

8. Warranty limitations

8.1 The warranty does not cover:

8.1.1 Glass, bands, straps, bracelets, exposed crystals and other embellishments

8.1.2 Water damage

8.1.3 Perspiration damage

8.1.4 Damage as a result of poor care, accidents, and normal wear and tear

8.1.5 Damage as a result of sports activity and significant vibration and shock impacts

8.2 The Seller is not liable for any expenses or losses incurred by the Buyer due to the use of the supplied watch or its malfunction.

8.3 The warranty becomes void in the event of servicing or repair of the watch by any person except the Seller. The cost of servicing or repairing cannot be reimbursed in these circumstances.

8.4 All repair work during the one-year warranty period must be carried out by the Seller, except for mesh band or link band adjustment.

8.5 The Buyer shall reimburse all shipping expenses incurred due to a warranty return except if it was negotiated and confirmed otherwise with the Seller in advance.

8.6 Warranty shipping reimbursement is limited to 50 EUR unless agreed otherwise.

9. Communication

9.1 The only postal address for communication with the Seller is: Watch To Wind S.L.U., Calle Silva, 2, 1º, 4ª, 28013 Madrid, Spain.

9.2 The only email address for communication with the Seller is: info@Watch2Wind.com

9.3 The only mobile number WhatsApp for communication with the Seller is: +34 652 823049

9.4 The Buyer shall contact the Seller in advance using the email address or the mobile number specified in Clause 9.2 and Clause 9.3 prior to shipping the Purchased Object in the event of a warranty claim or return.

10. Copyright

10.1 All texts, except parts mentioned in Clause 9.2, descriptions, images and graphics, except Chrono24 banners and logotypes, used on the website http://watch2wind.com as well as the website’s layout and design are the sole intellectual property of Watch To Wind. Copying or any other usage without the written consent of Watch To Wind is prohibited.

10.2 Watch To Wind does not represent or act as an official dealer for any watch manufacturer. Watch To Wind is not affiliated with any watch manufacturer in any way. All trademarks, trade names, designs and brand names belong to their legal owners.

11. Final provisions

11.1 Should one or more of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions be or become ineffective, this shall not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions.

11.2 Ancillary agreements and amendments to the contract must be in writing in order to be legally valid

11.3 This contract shall be exclusively subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Spain. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from and in connection with this agreement is Madrid, Spain.

11.4 The contractual language is Spain and English. In case of doubt, the Spanish version of this agreement shall prevail.