About us

Entering the world of vintage watches is very exciting, but at the same time, quite a risky process. Indeed, among all the fascinating pieces of horological art offered on the market you can find either pieces built up of various spare parts, or even completely fake vintage watches which even seasoned collectors often experience difficulties with identifying whether they are authentic or not. In these complicated circumstances it is  especially important to have assistance and expertise of professional you can fully rely on. Placing confidence in Watch2wind, you can save your time, be protected against various risk, and efficiently invest your money into something really authentic and valuable.

Watch2wind is an international team of enthusiasts, collectors and watchmakers with long term experience and knowledge of the vintage watch market and horological art. Over the years of dealing with vintage watches, our watchmakers proved their expertise and ability to bring any watch to perfection solving problems of any complexity.

Our mission is to show that horological aesthetics of different eras can be affordable for everyone, and that collecting is not just a passion, but also an effective investment. Our credo – to provide individual approach to every client no matter how sophisticated his wishes are. We are trying our best to be in touch with you whenever you need us – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We work hard to answer question you may have and to give you a chance to get exactly the timepiece you are dreaming about.

Honesty and transparency are our key values. Buying a watch from us you shall be sure that it is authentic and has gone through fine-grained examination, servicing and precise testing. Watch2Wind provides complimentary 1-year warranty for every sold timepiece no matter how many decades old it is. We do that because we are confident.