What is vintage watch?

The basic criterion is the age. Normally, any watch more than 30 years and younger than 100 years old can certainly be called ‘vintage’. This watch should remain in original condition and have certain collectible and financial value.

What for should I buy vintage watch? Is there any difference between a modern watch and a vintage watch in terms of everyday use?

The other important point is value. We can compare watches with cars – once your brand new car left dealer’s parking it loses its value. Vintage watches, unlike brand new, always have certain value which tends to grow. In other words, vintage watch is not only a piece of art, technology and history, but perfect investment.

How can I be sure that the watch is authentic?

You can also request an archive extract from most of the well-known Swiss manufacturers (Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Omega etc.) if you require additional confirmation – all our timepieces will pass this check. Moreover, some of our watches are already offered with archive extracts.

How can I be sure that the watch I buy is reliable enough?

Indeed, one should consider that certain parts may be more fragile due to its age, so It all depends on the age and design of the watch. For example – watches produced before the mid-40s rarely had shock protection, therefore these watches are sensitive to shock impacts. However, they are all reliable enough for careful everyday use. That is why we are confident to provide 1-year warranty for all our timepieces.

How can I pay my watch?

You can choose any payment method which suits you best. We accept bank transfers, major credit cards, PayPal and cash payments. All transactions are carried out in EUR currency. Please, check exact exchange rates with your bank.

What your return policy is? Are watches refundable?

Our company provides 1-year technical warranty (with limitations on sports activity and waterproofness) and 14-days “no questions” money-back right in compliance with Spanish law and general terms & warranty agreement.

I didn’t find an answer. Can you help me?

We will be pleased to answer any further question. Please fill in our contact form here.